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The Oregon coast is stunning–my family has a beach house there and it’s my favorite vacation spot. I commented on Anne K. Yoder’s article on The Millions this morning, which discusses the terrain of the Pacific Northwest. She’s been on the Oregon coast for nearly a month, writing and observing the beauty of the landscape. She¬† writes about how nature is a dominant part of life in Oregon and how the Pacific Northwest influenced writers like Ken Kesey, who grew up outside of Eugene. I’ve read One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, but am intrigued by his book Sometimes a Great Notion, which is set in an Oregon logging town. Yoder also mentioned the short story collection Livability by Jon Raymond. His story “The Coast” seems to get the descriptions of the beach just right. It was powerful enough to make me long for the rugged beauty of the Oregon coastline.


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