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I love, love, love paper books, but have to confess that I’m reading more on my Kindle these days. Living abroad in Italy, it’s tougher to find books in English. Plus, I’m not in a big city like Rome or Milan, so locating English-language material is difficult. When I return to the U.S. later this year, it’ll be back to the bookstore and library!

Anyway, I’m currently reading Katie Williams’ new book, The Space Between Trees, and am really enjoying it so far. 16-year-old Evie is a typical teen outsider growing up in a Midwestern town, but when a childhood friend named Zabet McCabe is murdered, Evie is drawn into an eerie and complicated friendship with Zabet’s best friend, Hadley, who is conducting her own investigation to find the killer. So far, the language is engaging and lyrical and while it’s categorized as teen lit, I think it has a strong appeal for adults, too. I’ll write an updated post after I finish the book. Your thoughts? Have you read this book, and if so, do you recommend it?